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updated January 12 2019

alphabetical by composer
*denotes a work written for and premiered by the Lincoln Trio

Piano Trios


Piano Trio No.1 in D minor, Op.32  -  Anton Arensky 

Trio for Violin, Cello & Piano (1992/1996)  -  Lera Auerbach

RPM (2006) *  -  Lawrence Axelrod 

Piano Trio in F Sharp Minor  -  Arno Babajanian

Trio for Violin, Piano and Cello Ernst Bacon

Piano Trio in E Flat Major Op.1, No.1 - Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano Trio in C minor Op.1, No.3  -  Ludwig van Beethoven 

Piano Trio in B flat Major, Op.11  -  Ludwig van Beethoven 

Piano Trio in D Op.70, No.1 "Ghost"  -  Ludwig van Beethoven 

"Triple Concerto" in C Major, Op.56  -  Ludwig van Beethoven 

Three Nocturnes  -  Ernest Bloch 

Piano Trio in B Major, Op.8  -  Johannes Brahms 

Piano Trio in C Major, Op.87  -  Johannes Brahms 

Piano Trio, Op.8  -  Frederic Chopin

Piano Trio (1921)  - Rebecca Clarke 

"From the Earth" * - James Crowley

"In Conversations" (2015) *  -  Juan Antonio Cuellar

"Better Angels of our Nature" *  -  Lawrence Dillon

Piano Trio in E minor, Op.90 "Dumky"  -  Antonin Dvorak 

Conjecture (2006) *   -  Timothy Dwight Edwards

Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano Op.120 - Gabriel Fauré 

"Seven" for Piano Trio (1997-1998)  -  Stacey Garrop

"Silver Dagger" for violin, cello and piano *  -  Stacey Garrop 

Andante con moto for Piano Trio in C minor  -  Edvard Grieg

Piano Trio No.4 "Angel Band" - Daron Hagen 

Piano Trio in g Minor H.XV No.1  -  Joseph Haydn

Piano Trio in G Major H.XV No.25 "Gipsy"   -  Joseph Haydn 

Piano Trio (2003)  -  Jennifer Higdon 

Phantasie Trio  -  John Ireland 

Trio (1998)  -  Pierre Jalbert

Breaking the Silence   -  Hi Kyung Kim 

Piano Trio in D Major, Op.1   -  Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Trio Concertante (2006) *  -  Andre Marquetti 

Piano Trio on Popular Irish Melodies   - Frank Martin 

Piano Trio in C minor -  Felix Mendelssohn

Piano Trio in D minor  -  Felix Mendelssohn 

Leave (leaf)/believe_3x4 (2006) *  -  Julia Miller 

Piano Trio in C Major, K.548  -  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Adagio for Violin, Cello and Piano  -  Arvo Part

The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires   -  Astor Piazzolla 

Piano Trio in A minor  -  Maurice Ravel 

Trio Elegiaque Op. 9  -  Sergei Rachmaninoff 

Spring Music  -  Ned Rorem 

"Lincoln's Two Americas"  -  Eric Sawyer

Cafe Music  -  Paul Schoenfield 

Piano Trio in B Flat, D.898   -  Franz Schubert 

Ce la luna Questa Sera (2006) *   -  Laura Elise Schwendinger 

Chicago Suite (2006) *   -  Tiffany Sevilla

Piano Trio No.1 in B Flat Major D.898 - Franz Schubert 

Piano Trio No.1 in C Minor Op.8 (1923) Dmitri Shostakovich

Piano Trio Op.67   -  Dmitri Shostakovich 

Piano Trio in G minor Op.15 (1855)   -  Bedrich Smetana 

Toward Dance (2006) *   -  Elizabeth Start 

Piano Trio No.1 in A major o.op. AV 37  -  Richard Strauss

Piano Trio No.2 in D major o.op. AV 53  -  Richard Strauss

Trio (2010) * recepient of the Charlotte Bergen Award from the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award  -  Conrad Tao

Piano Trio in a minor Op.50  -  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 

Piano Trio in D Major Op.35  -  Joaquin Turina 

Piano Trio No.2 in B minor, Op.76  -  Joaquin Turina 

Piano Trio in F Major  -  Joaquin Turina 

Circulo, Op.91  -  Joaquin Turina 

"Circle Around the Sun" - Augusta Read Thomas

"Moon Jig" *   -  Augusta Read Thomas

Piano Quartets

Piano Quartet in C Minor Op.60 - Johannes Brahms

Piano Quartet in E Flat Major Op.47 - Robert Schumann

Piano Quartet in C Minor, Op.13 - Richard Strauss

Piano Quartet in A Minor, Op.67 - Joaquín Turina